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Blue Spiral

Blue Spiral, View 2. Fired paper clay. Two pieces.

Two pieces can be placed in different configurations.
Above: 7″t x 18″w x 8″d
Fired paper clay, refired with glaze, stain, love letter inscribed inside. At right, 11″t x 12″w x 9″d.


Gallimaufry (medley), 13" t x 30" wide x 13" d, fired paper clay with glaze
Gallimaufry (medley), 13" t x 30" wide x 13" d, other side showing finish of clay, engobe, and stains
Gallimaufry is a word for medley.
13″ t x 30″ wide x 13″ d
fired paper clay with glaze on one side, stains and slips on the other side


Fired paper clay ceramic sculpture, fabric

Fired paper clay sculpture. Lizard glazes. Fabric.

8″h x 18″w x 9″d

Black/White, fired paperclay sculpture with fabric.
Black/White, 8″h x 18″w x 9″d

Back Seat Driver

Back Seat Driver, ceramic and mixed media sculpture by Judy Nelson-Moore

This piece is about that disconcerting or disorienting feeling of driving in a car and having the passenger(s) issue conflicting directions. 

Imbedded in the sculpture during the making is a rather large previously fired fragment of a face as well as a previously fired hand.  The use of paperclay allowed me to imbed these fired pieces and then fire the sculpture again without them cracking out of the piece.  Two metal pieces were added after the firing.

Paperclay Information

Here is a document I use in my paperclay classes and workshops. It contains a summary of some of my paperclay wisdom.